1100 mm Crusher Plant for Sale

The 1100 mm crusher plant for sale is a kind of a stationary crushing and screening plant or a mobile crushing and screening plant. Each crusher plant is designed to operate at a certain capacity.

The 1100 mm crusher plant for sale is a powerful stone crushing and screening plant operating at an average capacity of 200 – 350 t/h per hour. This facility is used for crushing large sized stones in order to make them smaller.

1100 mm Crusher Plant for Sale Options

The stone crushing and screening plant, known as the crusher plant, is a basic element of the construction industry. The crusher plant is the facility that produces aggregate, which is the raw material of ready-mixed concrete. In order to produce ready-mixed concrete, these basic materials are needed: aggregate, cement and water. Aggregate is the most needed in terms of usage rate. Aggregate forms a large proportion of concrete. The purpose of designing crusher plants is to meet this need with the production of aggregates. These strong and large plants reduce the size of large stones. Stones can only become aggregates after several stages.

In crusher plants, large-sized stones and ores are first crushed in a machine called a crusher. The crushed stones are then classified by their size. If necessary, the stones can be subjected to another crushing process. As a result, different outputs are obtained for use in different areas. Each crusher plant has its own production capacity. This capacity is usually referred to by names such as 1100 mm crusher plant or 2000 mm crusher plant, depending on the power and capacity of the machine. The 1000 mm crusher plant is a type of mobile crushing and screening plant.

1100 mm Crusher Plant for Sale Options
1100 mm Crusher Plant Features

1100 mm Crusher Plant Features

Crusher plants produce the basic materials needed by the construction industry. Crusher plants are basically divided into two groups: mobile crusher plants and fixed crusher plants. Fixed crusher plants are installed at the project site. It is costly and difficult to move it to another area. Mobile crusher plants are designed with a mobile body. Due to its mobility, it can be easily transported from one place to another. The 1000 mm crusher plant can also be purchased as a mobile crusher plant. It is highly preferred today. The features of the 1000 mm crusher plant are as follows:

  • Meeting the aggregate needs of small and medium-sized companies
  • Low assembly and disassembly costs due to its mobile structure
  • Easy transportation from one project site to another project site
  • Reducing the transportation costs of companies
  • Extremely strong and robust facility
  • Long years of trouble-free operation
  • Average 200 to 350 tons of aggregate production per hour

1100 mm Mobile Crusher Plant

The main purpose of crushing and screening plants is the production of aggregates in different sizes and properties. Aggregate is produced as a result of crushing large-sized stones with crushers. Mobile crusher plants are mobile plants designed to be used in the stone and mining industry. Mobile plants used for the conversion of large-sized stones into aggregates have different capacities. Mobile crushers are mostly preferred in short-time projects. The 1000 mm crusher plant is also suitable for use in these projects.

The 1100 mm crusher plant works in sync with many machines and equipment. The parts of the 1100 mm crusher plant are as follows:

  • Feeding hopper with grid
  • Primary jaw crusher
  • Secondary impact crusher
  • Vibrating screen
  • Conveyor belt
  • Control cabinet and electrical panel
1100 mm Mobile Crusher Plant
1100 mm Crusher Plant Price

1100 mm Crusher Plant Price

Today, there are many companies producing crusher plants. These companies produce under their own brand names. Since crusher plants can operate for many years, durability and high quality are the basic features that a crusher should have. FABO Global has been serving in the field of crusher plants and concrete batching plants for many years. All products produced by FABO Global are designed by its own engineering staff.

Today, FABO Global crusher plants are used safely in various countries. In addition to producing turnkey solutions for its business partners, FABO offers many advantages such as consultancy and technical service. The 1100 mm crusher plant is one of the most preferred crusher plants of FABO Global. Contact us for 1100 mm crusher plant prices.