Mobile Concrete Plant Prices

Mobile concrete plant prices vary according to the characteristics of the concrete plant. The characteristics of the concrete plant are also the characteristics that determine its production capacity.

Mobile concrete plant prices are determined according to the model of the plant. Concrete plant manufacturers produce plants of certain models. All of these models are portable but of different sizes.

How Much are Mobile Concrete Plant Prices?

Ready-made concrete is one of the basic building materials used in almost all structures and constructions today. Concrete ensures that constructions are in a solid structure. Ready-made concrete, which is in a semi-liquid state when processed, then dries out and becomes a single piece. Thus, it can be easily used and allows the structure to stand for many years.

Ready-made concrete is produced in facilities called concrete plants. Concrete plants combine the materials necessary for ready-made concrete. It then produces a mixture of these materials called concrete mortar. In order to produce ready-made concrete, broken small pieces of stone (aggregate),cement, water are required. These materials are put together in the concrete plant and concrete is obtained.

Concrete plants are designed in different structures today. These are the ones that are going to

  • Mobile concrete plant
  • Fixed concrete plant
  • Compact concrete plant

It is divided into 3 main groups. Mobile concrete plants are built on a portable body. The purpose of having such a design is that the plant can be easily moved to other areas when desired. Mobile concrete plant models and prices vary according to the characteristics of the concrete plant. You can contact FABO Global for the concrete plant solutions you need.

How Much are mobile concrete plant prices?
What is Mobile Concrete Plant?

What is Mobile Concrete Plant?

Concrete plants are large-scale plants used in the process of ready-made concrete production. Ready-made concrete produced in concrete plants is used as a basic building material in many sectors. Due to the increasing human population and the growing urbanization rate, the need for ready-made concrete is also constantly increasing. Due to this, theconstruction and construction sector as well as the ready-made concrete sector are constantly increasing. Different concrete plant models are produced to meet this rising increase. Mobile concrete plants are one of them. Mobile concrete plants are power plants that can be easily installed, unlike fixed concrete plants.

Mobile concrete plants are built on a mobile main body. In this way, it can be easily transported from one workspace to another. Mobile concrete plants can  be designed in different capacitiesof 30m3/hour, 60m³/hour, 100m³/hour, 120m³/hour, 150m³/hour. Itcan also be evaluated according to the combinations of cellsand bands – motors. Brand and model evaluation can be made according to the options for the use of reducers and electrical materials in mobile concrete plants.

Mobile Concrete Plant Advantages

Mobil concrete plantsare designed according to fastinstallation and efficient working systems. It can produce in ISO 9001 standardsand is usually offered for sale with a 2-year warranty. Production is carried out with the most qualified equipment and equipment from the production of mobile concrete plants. Other advantages of mobile concrete plants are as follows;

  • Mobile concrete plants can be easilytransported by su or roadand made to work
  • Each project site has its own physical conditions. Mobile concrete plants can be rearranged according to different layouts.
  • The ability to clean thetum unitsof mobile concrete plants separately saves time.
  • There is no need for very large areas to build the mobile concrete plant. It can be easily installed on small and narrow project sites.
  • Mobile concrete plants can be used in many projects, so they increase investment costs in a short time.
  • Concrete production close to the production capacity of fixed concrete plants can be carried out using the same concrete plant.
  • All components are designed for operators to operate in the most efficient way.
  • In most cases, the mini concrete plant for sale can be installed and operated without permission or licensing.
Mobile Concrete Plant Advantages
FABO Global Mobile Concrete Plants

FABO Global Mobile Concrete Plants

FABO Global brand is one of the leading companies in the market that manufactures concrete plant and concave plant. The concrete plants produced in it are used in different continents of the world today. Concrete plants produced by FABO Global offer significant advantages to companies. These are the ones that are going to

  • FABO Global concrete plants are designed by FABO engineers
  • All concrete plants are produced using high technology
  • Can be used for many years without any problems
  • Companies can benefit from FABO’s service and spare parts service
  • Allows companies to institution concrete plants at affordable costs

FABO Global offers different solutions according to the needs of the companies it works with. FABO Global, which installs turnkey concrete plants, also provides free consultancy services. You can contact FABO Global for all the concrete plant solutions you need.