Your cement silo needs for sale are met by the fixed and mobile production factories established by FABO around the world. You can also get support from FABO’s expert teams to get information about the equipment and mechanisms required for your projects.

We continue our services in different countries of the world, including cement silo equipment and technical support services for sale. Considering the volumes in different capacities, we support you in the projecting process regarding the most suitable production mechanism for you.

Cement Silo

Cement silo provides a storage area that is frequently used in construction projects in countries with developing construction volume in recent years. It is possible to keep cements of desired size and quality ready with silos that provide an indispensable platform for construction, space and complete construction sites.

Due to the structure of the cements preferred to be purchased in bulk, problems can be encountered with freezing and deformation. Having a high tonnage cement mortar and at the same time storing the mortar in the highest quality is provided by silos.

Cement Silo is known as vertical storage areas built on the large chamber due to its general structure. These containment areas, especially in construction sites, provide the fastest access to highly needed cement.

Cement Silo Manufacturing

Silo manufacturing consists of combining massive machinery, mechanical components and armored structures. At this stage, expert team and engineering work play a very important role for user health and quality of work done.

FABO continues to work confidently towards becoming a world brand within the sector with its years of experience and logistics network. It supports the project owners with its founding mission with numerous services including silo manufacturing and cement silo production.

FABO Cement Silo for Sale

Cement silo for sale is usually manufactured vertically and horizontally. The type of silo used in general in the sector is vertical cement silo. These cement silos can be delivered on demand and in one piece or in disassembled form.

FABO, one of the leading cement silo manufacturers  in the sector, produces cement silos optimized for fast and efficient concrete production.

Features of cement silos include:

  • Cement silo is waterproof and protects cement against moisture.
  • It is long-lasting and has a low cost.
  • Vertical silos take up less space on the construction site.
  • Starting from 25tons,  they have different capacities such as 100 tons of cement silos, 200 tons of cement silos, 300 tons of cement silos, making them ideal for every project.
  • It has a pressure safety valve, 3 air jets, 24 m2 cartridge filter and 3 cement level indicators.

How Much Do Cement Silos Cost?

Cement silo offers significant advantages to companies operating in the concrete industry. One of these advantages is high profit rates due to their longevity. That is why when buying cement silos, it is necessary to pay close attention to both the price and the quality of the equipment.

As FABO, we produce both affordable and high quality cement silos. Price – performance balance is maintained by us by producing small cement silos that can withstand even difficult climatic conditions for a very long time.

FABO Cement Silo Advantages

  • FABO carries out all its products in its own R&D studies and we produce.
  • We aim to provide the most robust and high quality equipment to its customers by working with expert engineers, designers and technicians.
  • We invite you to save on high budgets with our working system, which we offer directly to the user from the first manufacturer.
  • Since we know the importance of construction projects for human life, we produce all our machines in accordance with safety standards.

To continue projects with products whose cost is well below market conditions, as determined by feasibility report follow-ups; it brings with it high long-term costs and losses that seem to be profits in the short term.

With FABO, you can have fixed/mobile mini factories that you will use in your projects, as well as cement silos with the highest quality service understanding. With our customer satisfaction oriented pricing and service approach, we will continue to provide you with the most efficient services with our mission of being a leader not only in Turkey but also in different countries of the world.

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