In order to answer the question of what is a compact concrete plant, it is necessary to have general knowledge about concrete plants first. Among the concrete production mechanisms there aredifferent variations of units that work in coordination with each other.

What is a compact concrete plant? Concrete plants are the name given to all general machines that make serial construction of concrete blocks created by mixing various mortars in general. Concrete plants can be divided into derivatives depending on working principles and production volumes  and produce large-scale productions.

What is a Concrete Plant?

Blocks prepared to ensure the physical strength and floor structuation of the structures are needed. In modern architectures, concretes are generally preferred because of their durability and mobile production opportunities.

Concrete; it is the case that mixtures called aggregates are available in the construction process. Aggregate generally contains substances such as gravel, sand and concrete is obtained by freezing it in ready-made molds with binding agents.

A concrete plant provides mechanical production and mass production of concretes produced in this way as a principle of realization. It is especially advantageous to use concrete plants in construction sites and large volumes of concrete production.

What are the Types of Concrete Plants?

Concrete plants are divided into different types according to the processing volume of the concretes produced and the mobility at the production stage. As included in the FABO product range;

  • Fixed Concrete Plant
  • Mobile Concrete Plant
  • Compact Concrete Plant

isavailable. If you want to have concrete production facilities in your works; You can contact us for information about Fabo’s wide range of products.

What is a Compact Concrete Plant?

What is a Compact Concrete Plant?

What is a Compact Concrete Plant?

During the concrete production phase, large volume and stationary units are located in the fixed state of the production factories; at the same time, it is possible to use lower volume and moving concrete production mechanisms with mobile concrete plant.

The name of the concrete factory developed by combining fixed concrete plant and mobile concrete plant production units in a composite form is expressed as a compact concrete plant.

Within FABO Compact Concrete Plants, it is possible to examine products of different volumes and sizes. These types of power plants;

–              Compact Concrete Plant of 30

–              Compact Concrete Plant of 60

–              Compact Concrete Plant with 110

–              Compact Concrete Plant of 120

–              Compact Concrete Plant with 160

–              Compact Concrete Plant with 200

can be listed as.

Compact Concrete Plants; provides various advantages in terms of usage.  Compact concrete plants offer significant advantages to companies both in terms of cost and efficiency, and also;

  • Reduces the logistical cost of the resulting concrete.
  • Prevents possible delays during the transportation of concrete and saves time.
  • Ensures first-hand quality control to achieve the desired concrete quality.
  • It helps to drastically reduce the operating and transportation costs of companies and increase profitability.

Concrete Plant Concrete Production

Processes such as mortar mixing required for concrete production, using silos with storage mechanism for continuous fresh use of the mixture, as well as product molding at the right scale and proportion are made possible by the use of concrete plants.

Mix Compact Concrete Plants, which are among the types of plants produced by FABO Machinery; it is only one of these products in the catalog. You can also contact FABO for the order of Mix Compact Concrete Plants consisting of 4-eye aggregate square bunker and sequential bunker shapes, bucket agraga transfer and conveyor belt systems.

In the current system, the capacities of compact plant varieties capable of integrating cement silos at the desired capacity can be increased from 30 m3 hours to 200 m3 hours and can be specially designed according to the demands of the users.

FABO compact series concrete plants can be easily shipped all over the world with easy transportation as well as providing easy installation.

FABO, which continues to work confidently as a world brand; not only with its domestic studies, but also the breadth of foreign transaction volume continues to produce added value.

It provides its services in the field of factory supply and supply through concrete production plants to private or legal persons who want to produce concrete directly, not block sales on a retail basis in the field of concrete production.

If you want to have a concrete production plant, concrete production plant and concrete production plant, you can contact FABO to get information about technical details.

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