Crushing machine manufacturer is companies that produce concave plants. Crushing machines, also known as stone crushing and screening plants, are designed mobile or stationary. Manufacturers, also known as concave plant manufacturers, can design concave plant according to need.

As a crushing machine manufacturer, FABO Global is one of the leading companies in the sector. FABO Global has been supplying concave plants for many years. You can contact FABO Global for detailed information about the concave plant models you need.

Stone Crushing Machine Manufacturer

Due to population growth all over the world, the need for new habitat arises. As the number of people living in cities and cities increases, cities tend to grow. New structures are also needed for new jobs and living spaces. In today’s constructions, the type of concrete called ready-made concrete is used. So, what’s ready-made concrete? Ready-made concrete is the substance obtained from the mixture of aggregate, cement and water. The main substance of ready-made concrete is aggregate (stones cut into small pieces). Aggregate production is carried out in concave plants.

Concave plants are large plants that make large pieces of stone small, cubic. In concave plants, stones go through several processes. These processes are breaking and elimination procedures. The crushing process takes place on equipment called a crusher. The classification of broken stones according to their size is also done through siees. Concave plants are designed by the manufacturers of the concave plant. Companies that want to produce aggregates can also supply the facilities through concave manufacturers.

Crushing Machine Manufacturer

Crushing Machine Models

Concave plants, also known as crushing machines, serve an important role for the constructionsector. Aggregate produced in concave plants is used in different areas. The first is the production of ready-made concrete. For ready-made concrete production, fragmented stones are needed. Aggregate produced in concave plants can also be used as a sub-material for road construction. The layer of aggregate laid under the asphalt increases the strength of the road.

Concave plants used to be designed in only one model. Fixed concave plants installed in the project area were designed to work in that area. However, with the developing technology, new concave plant models started to be designed. With the development of mobile technologies, mobile concave facilities were designed.

Mobile Concave Plant

Mobile crusher is the type of crusher plant preferred mostly in short-term projects. They are mobile facilities used in the process of turning large stones into smaller pieces. Mobile crushers can have an average production capacity of 110 to 600 tons per hour. The plant capacities of the crushers can be designed in different capacities and equipment forms according to the structure of the project and the wishes of the buyer company.

The working area is quite wide as the mobile concaves are easy to install and transport. The facility area may be in a fixed location throughout the entireproject. Therefore,  the efficiency from mobile concave is higher in projects where the facility needs to be moved to other regions continuously.

Crushing Machine Manufacturer
Crushing Machine Manufacturer

Fixed Concave Plant

Fixed concave plants are usually the type of concave plant preferred in long-term projects. Theyare stone crushing and screening plants used to bring B-sized stones to smaller sizes. The most important plus of fixed concave plants is that they produce at high capacity and with these characteristics, companies reduce their production costs.

The efficiency of this type of facility is higher for companies that have the same location throughout the project and need high capacity aggregate production. Fixed concave plants provide significant advantages to companies with these features.

How to Choose the Right Crusher Machine Company?

Crushing plants are very useful machines. In addition to mining, waste concrete recycling also provides high profitstocompanies. Itcan be widely used in differentsectors. Theproduction of the K river machine for different purposes also increases the number of manufacturers. To choose one of these companies, it is necessary to pay attention to some points.

  • It is extremely important that the company has a wide range of machinery and equipment. The crushing plant can consist of many different equipment. Equipment with different operating principles such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, tertiary crushers, vertical shaft crushers has different functions.
  • Companies that produce their own technology, have detailed quality control systems and test machines should be preferred. The crushing plants produced by these companies are always more reliable.
  • Companies that analyze the customer’s needs correctly should be preferred. Manufacturers may have different machine needs. At this stage, it is very important to choose the machine that best suits the needs of the company.
Crushing Machine Manufacturer
Crushing Machine Manufacturer

FABO Crushing Machines

As a crushing machine manufacturer, we pay attention there are many important points. One of them is. designing machines that operators can easily use. We are able to determine the needs of an operator in the most accurate way. We operate long-term R&D and design processes before producing stone crushing machines. In the simulation environment, we carry out tests taking into account all conditions. Then we produce the prototype and confirm the reliability of the machine with physical tests.

Our crushing machines for sale are in two categories, fixed crushing plant and mobile crushing plant. We are constantly expanding our product range to become the industry’s leading crusher machine company. You can contact FABO Global for the crushing machines and crushing machine prices you need.