The answer to the question “Which Crusher is Better?”: varies depending on the working potential and transaction volume of the company requesting the service. Crushing plants are priced according to the quality of the general units as well as the capacity they have.

“Which Crusher is Better?”: Fabo continues to come up with different alternatives to this question, which is sought for the answer. Factories produced in different volumes in the field of concave and crusher also appeal to you with their preferred mobile or fixed alternatives during the installation phase.

FABO: Which Crusher is Better?

Questions such as “Which crushing plant is better?”, “Which type of crusher is best for the mine” are the issues that newcomers to the sector are most curious about. In fact, the correct question should be, “What type of crusher is more accurate for which material?”

As you can see, there is no single answer to the question “Which crushing plant is better?” In this article, we will try to help the owners of companies who want to buy a crushing screening plant and try to find the most suitable type of crusher in the field in which it operates.

Crusher Types

Both mobile units and stationary factories are produced by FABO for concave and stone crushers.

Production units with different volumes and capabilities are offered in the field of Mobile Crushing Facilities.

  • Pro Series Mobile Concave Plant
  • MCK Series Mobile Hard Stone Crushing Plant
  • Mobile Reversible Breaker
  • Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant
  • Mobile Primer Breaker
  • Mobile Secondary Crushing Screening Plant
  • Mobile Vertical National Crusher
  • Mobile Container Type Jaw Crusher
  • Pallet Concave Plant
  • Tracked Screening Plant

Solutions are offered to your screening plant needs, whose products are required after both crushing and crushing.

At FABO, which works on alternatives in the field of fixed crusher and screening facilities;

  • Fixed Stone Crushing and Screening Facilities
  • Vibrating Bunkers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Primary Impact Crushers
  • Reversible Crushers
  • Steep National Crushers
  • Conical Crushers
  • Vibrating Siees
  • Dewatering Screen
  • Spiral Washers
  • Bucket Scrubbers
  • Wobbler Feeder

You can have production units.

Which Crushing Plant is Better for Quarry?

Before moving on to the question “Which crushing plants are better for the quarry?” let’s give some information about the types of crushers that can be used in the quarry.

Crusher varieties are produced according to crushing principles, different feeding and discharge sizes. Accordingly:

  • Jaw crusher: It can be used as primary crusher for coarse material or for tertiary crushing. The feed size used for coarse material ranges from 125 mm to 1020 mm, while for tertiary material this range is 125 mm to 250 mm.
  • Vertical national crusher: In general, they are used for obtaining sand material to be used in constructions.
  • Impact crusher: More suitable for fragile materials such as limestone and charcoal.
  • Cone crusher: It is the most preferred type of crusher plant for hard rock crushing because it is suitable for all secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications.

Choosing The Right Crusher

It is very important to carry out a detailed needs analysis at each stage when choosing the crushing plant suitable for your operation.

The first point to consider is how to apply the material to be processed. Does he have to go through the breaker two or three times? How much thinned product output will be obtained? These are very important questions. The selection of conveyor and other screening and washing equipment can also be made much more accurately with the answers to these questions.

It is best to operate a comprehensive process where many factors such as cost, safety, productivity and environmental impact are evaluated.


Fabo continues to work with the vision of becoming a world brand in the field. FABO continues to produce concave with 17 years of experience in the sector; at the same time, it continues its production in the field of concrete plants.

You can reach us from our FABO contact addresses to benefit from our services prepared with superior quality and to get information about the details.

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