Stone Crushing and Screening Machine is one of the production plant units that is essential to use for large-scale construction sites and high margin construction sites. It is the unit where the crushing process is carried out for the transfer of the ground and stones identified as welds to the mobile and to be made suitable for later use.

There are certain features that companies that will buy Stone Crushing and Screening Machine should pay attention to. Before the purchases, it is necessary to determine the stone crushing plant depending on the projects and projects to be used. The two most important factors determining the reasons for preference are the volume of operation and the ability of the unit to move.

What is a Concave?

The market name of the system known as stone crushing and screening machine is concave. These crushing and screening facilities; it is established in order to remove, break, break and eliminate the identified ground and rocks according to the scales.

With the development of technology day by day, the equipment used in all sectors can be produced much more usefully and with high quality. All kinds of equipment, which provides convenience for the sectors where heavy work is carried out in the feature, reduces manpower a little more and allows products to be produced quickly and in high quality.

Stone Crushing and Screening plants are also used especially in the construction sector and provide a great advantage in terms of efficiency of operations. These facilities allow raw materials used in the construction industry to be made ready for use. In order to use the substances removed from the quarries, they must be broken into small pieces.

In crushing-screening plants, material of the desired characteristics is produced, thanks to the equipment, each of which works for different processing. Materials brought from quarries are brought to the facility and placed in reservoirs called feeders. The peculiarity of the feeder is to ensure the continuity of material flow to crusher machines. The material transferred to the crusher machines is broken into small pieces by different methods depending on the characteristics of thecrusher.

Small parts are transported by conveyor belts and transferred to the sieke machine. The goal here is to separate materials of different sizes. After completion in this process, the product is made ready for use. Some crushing screening plants are located in machines that carry out washing process to remove dust, sludge and dirt depending on the need. In addition, special storage equipment is included in the facility, considering storage systems in enterprises where production should be too much. Facilities that need to be established in accordance with the needs of the enterprises; can also be installed on mobile or fixed basis.

Types of Stone Crushing and Screening Machine

FABO; As a window from Izmir to the whole world, it provides machinery supply, supply and logistics services in almost every geography. Concavees have an important role among the current product types produced within FABO.

Our crushing screening facilities are specifically categorized according to the volume and mobility of the process. Our machines, which perform higher volume stone crushing and screening, are in the Fixed Concave category. In addition, our units, which perform lower volume crushing and provide the possibility of transferring in a moving way, are also under the heading of Mobile Concave Types.

FABO Mobile Concave Facilities

Products and models under this category;

  • Pro Series Mobile Concave Facilities
  • Mobile Hard Stone Crushing and Screening Plant
  • Mobile Reversible Breaker
  • Mobile Crushing Screening and Washing Plant
  • Mobile Screening and Washing Facilities
  • Mobile Primer Breakers
  • Mobile Secondary Crushing Screening Plant
  • Mobile Vertical National Crusher
  • CTC-60 Mobile Container Type Jaw Crusher
  • Pallet Concave Plant
  • Tracked Screening Plant
  • Tracked Scalper Sie

It is located in the form.

Products in the FABO Fixed Concave Facilities category are also;

  • Crushing Screening Facilities
  • Vibrating Feeder Bunkers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Primary Impact Crushers
  • Reversible Crushers
  • DMK Impact Crushers
  • Steep National Crushers
  • Conical Crushers
  • Vibrating Siees
  • Hydrocyclone Dewatering Sleate
  • Spiral Washers
  • Bucket Scrubbers
  • Wobbler Feeder
  • Log Washer – Grinding Wash

is listed in the form.

Stone Crushing and Screening Machine for Sale

You can visit the “products” category on the FABO website to access more detailed information about our products. You can also identify the production facility that best suits you in your studies and projects and request detailed information about the orders.

While FABO continues to work with the mission of delivering services to all regions of the world; It always considers the mission of providing the most advantages conditions for business partners at the same time. You can always take advantage of the advantageous conditions about the products within the scope of concrete block production areas, including crushing screening plants (concave).

You can also request support from FABO’s expert staff during the selection process of choosing the facility that best suits you for your project and you can get information about the current prices and conditions by contacting us at our addresses.

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