Concrete crushing is the name given to the process of collectively breaking down the aggregate, iron and additive reinforcement materials in it. It is the process applied for breaking down, renewing and strengthening concrete structures.

Concrete crushing is carried out by crawler crushers and stationary concrete crushing plants. Crawler crushers are mostly used in recycling plants, road projects and demolition works. Since its dimensions are generally small and have the ability to move, it can be easily used in working areas where it is needed.

Concrete Crushing Machine

Concrete crushers are generally used in demolition of concrete-built architectures, road projects and recycling plants. Fixed concrete crushing plant is preferred in large construction sites. It has the properties of breaking the concrete according to the desired dimensions. The usage areas of stationary concrete crushing plants are mostly mines and quarries. These large facilities are preferred for long-term projects.

These machines can also be produced in crawler models according to your request. They are the machines preferred by many companies due to their easy transportation and low cost. Thanks to its tracked model, it is possible to easily move it to the required areas within the working area. Crawler models provide you with great advantages in the work area due to their movement feature. Asphalt crushing takes place thanks to the palletized concrete crushing machine. Due to its high mobility, it is the most suitable machine for the working area. These machines are called asphalt crushers. It makes the crushing process in the desired thickness or smallness.

Crusher Types

Crushers are machines designed to turn or grind various types of rock into small pieces. These machines are used in concrete crushing, mining, quarrying and recycling operations. These machines, which have different crushing shapes, are selected according to the materials to be crushed. These breakers;

  • Jaw Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Impact Crushers

as we can say. If you wish, let us share its detailed features and working methods with you;

“Jaw Crushers”

Thanks to the jaw-shaped mechanism, it compresses the desired concrete or rocks and performs the shredding process. The movable jaw crushes the material to the desired size by compressing it against the fixed jaw. There are different types as fixed jaw crusher and mobile jaw crusher according to the working area.

“Cone Crushers”

It is used to crush hard and abrasive material in aggregate and mining industry. These crushers are used especially for breaking river stone, concrete, basalt and granite. With its durable and strong structure, it easily shreds hard materials. The way cone crushers work is to crush materials by compression, cutting and bending. Dust and abrasion are reduced to minimum levels as they compress and break the material.

“Impact Crushers”

They are machines with a high reduction ratio. It performs the breaking process thanks to the spinning rotor with rods or hammers. It is used in concrete crushing, mines and recycling plants. It has more power than other machines. Thanks to its closed design, it does not produce much dust during the crushing process.

Crawler Crusher and Asphalt Crusher

Crawler crusher is preferred in short-time crusher plant projects. It is a construction machine used in the processes of turning large stones into smaller pieces. Since it is palletized, it is taken to the desired area in the field.

Since the pallet crushers are easy to install and transport, they are easily positioned in the work area. Crawler crushers are generally preferred in city infrastructure works, highway construction, laying of natural gas and oil pipelines, infrastructure and superstructure works of train tracks, and in projects such as metro lines, for the removal of stones and concrete and for the reduction of concrete. In such projects, the efficiency obtained from the crawler crushers is higher since the facility area is not in a fixed place throughout the project and the facility has to be constantly moved to other regions. Let’s list the crawler crushers and asphalt crushers produced by FABO for you;

  • FTI-100 Impact Crusher
  • FTI-125 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTV-70 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTV-90 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTC-900 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTJ-65 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTJ-90 Crawler Jaw Crusher
  • FTJ-110 Crawler Jaw Crusher

It has many models such as They are the most suitable and most preferred machines for asphalt recycling projects due to being crawler. FABO Global manufactures crawler crusher and asphalt crusher models using the latest technology. Therefore, it has a wide range of products in the field of crawler crusher, concrete crusher or asphalt crusher. For concrete crusher and crawler crusher prices or for all your other needs, you can contact FABO Global and get detailed information from our staff.

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