In order to benefit from silo for sale services for sale, you can have FABO’s state-of-the-art concrete silos. It is preferred in building constructions and general construction sites to reach ready-made products quickly and to prevent deterioration in the structure.

We continue our services in different countries of the world with our silo for sale . Acting in line with your wishes, we determine the capacity and features for you. We help you with our machines and spare parts to use the most suitable and ready-made production materials for your projects.

What is a Cement Silo?

Cement silos are systems that are necessary for concrete plants and are used to store the produced concrete without deterioration in its structure. The capacity and dimensions of the concrete production facilities vary according to the production. It is generally used in long-term projects, construction sites and by companies providing ready mixed concrete services. It is produced with an average storage capacity of between 25 and 120 tons. This storage capacity can be increased in line with the customer’s requests.

These silos are manufactured using durable steels. Its inner and outer surfaces do not form rust thanks to the special primers used. Since thick steel is used, cases such as puncture, cracking or breakage are not encountered against external impacts. Cement silo is frequently encountered in large construction sites and ready mixed concrete production facilities. The main purpose of this system is to store the cement before it dries, as it was first prepared.

Most of these silos produced have level meters. In this way, the decreasing material level in the silo can be controlled and added. Cement silo is produced at this stage in order to reach the quality product in the fastest way and to prevent deterioration in the structure of the prepared high-volume mortar.

Silo For Sale

Silo For Sale

FABO: Cement Silo Manufacturing

The structure of the cement silo is the machinery that emerges by using the mechanical parts and the armored structure together. In the production stages, with the help of expert teams and engineering studies, the health of the user and the quality of the work are increased. FABO is one of the few companies in the sector with its years of experience, knowledge and logistics network. Thanks to its quality production and spare parts services, FABO does not allow any disruption in the production of its customers. Features of these facilities;

  • Being waterproof
  • It prevents the material inside from getting moist.
  • Long lasting and low cost
  • Since their structures are vertical, they do not take up much space on construction sites.
  • Starting from 25 tons, production is available up to 100 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons according to customers’ requests.
  • It has a pressure relief valve, 3 air jets, a 24 m2 cartridge filter and 3 cement level indicators.

has features such as Thanks to these features, there is no disruption in the production of customers and the operation of their projects.

Second Hand Silo For Sale

FABO is a manufacturer that provides second-hand products as well as offering zero product opportunities to companies in need of silos. It also dominates the second-hand silo market with its advanced sector network and the advantage of being a well-known company all over the world. After the second hand silos are purchased by FABO, all necessary maintenance is carried out. It is offered for sale after the examinations of engineers and technicians. The cost is slightly less than new products. For this reason, it is preferred by some companies. When buying a used machine, you need to pay attention to some factors. These elements are;

  • Condition of wear
  • Whether the metal in its outer layer is damaged
  • Whether you have a leak
  • Is the measuring stick working?
  • Whether there is a rust situation

We recommend that you take these factors into consideration. There may be problems in your production due to the fact that some products are worn out. For this reason, we recommend you to buy new products in your silo selections, if your economic situation is suitable. Thanks to our technical service and spare parts services, you can get your maintenance done on time. In this way, it will be possible to use your silo for longer years. As FABO Global, we provide all the necessary information to the companies we supply machinery before purchasing and guide them in this regard. You can contact us to take advantage of FABO’s products and spare parts services.

Cement Silo Prices

Cement silo is produced in different features and capacities in line with the demands of the companies today. For this reason, we cannot give an exact price. The same is true for the second hand cement silo. The condition, brand, model and equipment of the product are the factors that directly affect the cost. You can contact FABO to get detailed information about the cement silo prices you need in your projects.

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