140 crusher plant facility is one of the most preferred stone crushing and screening facilities by companies aiming for high capacity and production. These facilities have an average production capacity between 350 tons and 600 tons. These facilities, which are produced in European standards, are offered to you by FABO Global.

140 crusher plant shows superior performance even against the toughest physical conditions, and offers significant advantages to businesses operating in different sectors with its flexibility. It easily breaks rocks with hard structures such as granite, basalt and stream stone. Thanks to the vibrating sieves, it is easier to sort the stones of the desired sizes.

What is Crushing and Screening Plant?

Crushing and screening facilities, also known as crushers, are facilities used to obtain the necessary materials for the construction industry. They break large stones and rocks according to the desired dimensions and perform the sorting process by means of sieves. Crushing and screening plants are produced in accordance with the duration of the project and site conditions.

There are two types of stone crushing and screening plants. The first of these is fixed stone crushing and screening plants. As the name suggests, these facilities are used in fixed and long-term projects. Another is mobile stone crushing and screening plants. It is generally preferred in short-term projects. It realizes its mobility thanks to pallets. It can move easily in difficult and rough terrains. Capacities can be changed in line with the customer’s requests.

Crusher Types

Crushers are machines that enable the realization of processes such as removing, breaking and sorting the desired rocks and stones. Crushers are facilities that are used especially in the construction industry and provide great advantages in terms of efficiency of operations. The impact of crushers is great in the production of raw materials used in the construction industry. There are two different types of crushers.

“Fixed Crushers Plant”

They are large-scale facilities designed for aggregate production. They have higher production capacities than mobile crushers. It is preferred in long-term projects. It is more suitable to be used in quarries and mines. Since they are facilities that can process with high performance, they are generally preferred by companies that need more aggregate. The installation cost of the plant is higher than the mobile crushers. In addition, the assembly processes of these facilities built in the project area require more time and effort. Fixed crusher plant features;

  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards
  • Does not harm nature and human health during use
  • Built for long-term projects
  • Suitable for all types of terrain
  • Production capacities are quite high
  • It offers ease of use to workers with its fully automatic form.
  • Automation is done by a single worker
  • It is easy to maintain because it works thanks to hydraulic systems.

It provides advantages to companies with many features such as:

“Mobile Crusher Plant”

Mobile crusher plants are preferred in mining industry, waste recycling facilities, construction activities such as road construction due to their high efficiency and mobility. It is equipped with crusher types that can meet all kinds of needs such as vertical shaft, crawler, impact and tertiary. The reason why mobile crushers are frequently preferred is due to their easy installation and low transportation cost. It is transported with the help of a single truck. Thanks to the pallets used for its movement, it can easily move on rough terrain. Mobile crusher plant features;

  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards
  • It is preferred for short-term projects.
  • Easy to use on difficult and uneven sites
  • Low installation cost
  • Transport cost is low
  • Transport is carried out with a single truck
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy and cost-effective
  • It does not harm nature and human health in any way.

It provides advantages to companies thanks to features such as

FABO 140 Crusher Plant

140 crusher plants are generally used for crushing materials with high silica content. These are facilities that have the power to easily process materials such as granite, basalt and river stone.

“Technical specifications”

  • Mouth Dimensions: It has a diameter of 1400 x 1100 mm.
  • Maximum Nutrition: 1000 mm.
  • Capacity: Average 350 – 600 tons.
  • Engine Power: It has a power of 200 kW.
  • Jaw Weight: It has a weight of 120 – 280 kg.
  • Weight: It has a weight of 50950 kg.

“General Features and Advantages”

  • It has Mn plates made of wear resistant special casting.
  • It has hydraulically adjustable jaw opening.
  • It has safety plates against excessive strain.
  • It has a belt-pulley drive system.
  • It has an eccentric shaft made of Cr, Ni, Mo alloy forged steel.

The new generation crusher plants produced by FABO can easily crush materials from soft materials to the hardest materials. FABO 600×400 mm 900×650mm 1100×850mm 1400×1150 It is carried out by mm type jaw crushers. Our jaw crushers used in crusher plants are also called 60 jaw crushers , 90 jaw crushers and 140 jaw crushers . FABO Global designs all crusher plant and crusher plant equipment that companies need. In this context, it can offer many jaw crusher model options to its business partners. You can contact FABO Global to get information about the prices of jaw crushers in different models.

140 Crusher and Screening Plant Prices

Crushing and screening plants are produced in line with the demands of the customers. The capacity, features and dimensions specified by the customers help determine the price. For this reason, it is not possible to give a net price for the machines.

Today, FABO Global products are used safely in many parts of the world. The machines produced by the company, which is specialized in its field and managed to become a global brand, are designed by its own engineers. In order to take advantage of the products produced by FABO Global, you can reach us from our contact numbers and consult our expert staff for your questions in different fields, including technical support.

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