Concrete mixer manufacturing is the mortar mixer systems produced in volumes suitable for the projects, taking into account the demands of the customers. Features vary depending on the size or smallness of the owned project. The types of concrete mixers offered by FABO are produced at world standards, considering the requirements of all kinds of projects.

Concrete mixer production, due to the increase in demand in our country lately, production takes place rapidly. Thanks to these mixers, it has become quite easy to produce cement by combining aggregate, sand and water components. Therefore, it is preferred by many companies.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturing

Concrete Mixer Manufacturing

Concrete mixer

Cement is produced by combining aggregate, sand and water components, thanks to the concrete mixer. Its capacity is determined according to the area to be used and the amount of concrete needed. During production, the mixer should be on a flat surface and should be installed in the area close to the water source. The mixer chamber should be loaded in accordance with the standards. In order to obtain concrete, the desired amount of material must be placed, otherwise the quality of the produced concrete may not meet the standards. Advantages of concrete mixers;

  • Mixing time is shorter.
  • No manpower is required.
  • You save time.
  • After mixing, the quality of the concrete reaches higher levels.
  • You will increase your hourly production capacity to higher levels.

We can cite advantages such as: There are different types of mixers produced by FABO. These; It is offered to you as double shaft concrete mixer and pan concrete mixer .

“Double Shaft Concrete”

It ensures even distribution and mixing of the substance during mixing. Mixing of some substances is difficult compared to a single shaft concrete mixer. However, it is mixed easily thanks to the double shaft concrete mixers. The design of the double shaft concrete mixer reduces the probability of failure to minimum levels. Double shaft concrete mixer models produced by FABO;

  • TWS-01 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • TWS-02 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • TWS-03 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • TWS-04 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • TWS-05 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • TWS-06 Twin Shaft Mixer

is presented to you. Prices may vary depending on the technical features and capacities of these models.

“Pan Concrete Mixer”

It has become an indispensable product of the concrete industries. The maintenance costs of these machines, which have been used for many years, are also very low. Considering these features, we can say that it provides companies with great financial advantages. Features of pan mixer;

  • It has high capacity mixing feature .
  • It has a double cover discharge feature.
  • It has an automatic washing system.
  • It saves time.
  • It reduces the production cost.
  • Wear resistant materials are used.
  • It has a security system that automatically stops all operations when the maintenance cover of the machine is opened.

It has many features such as

Concrete Mixer Prices

FABO Global can be produced with alternative features as customer-oriented, it is not possible to say a fixed fee for cost calculation. You can request information on both technical support and current price information from our expert team, who will help you make the most suitable choice for you by expressing the concrete mixer features you prefer.

Industrial Concrete Mixers

The mixers that many companies use to gain advantage during the production phase are called mixers. In concrete plants, the usage areas are quite wide. The mixer is used to mix the materials evenly during the production of ready mixed concrete. Concrete has many uses today. In areas where concrete is used, the use of concrete mixers provides many companies with advantages. These machines, which have a high capacity mixing feature, perform the mixing process in a short time without the need for manpower.

FABO Global brand produces mixer models using the latest technological possibilities. Therefore, it has a wide product range in terms of mixer models. For industrial concrete mixer and all your other needs, you can contact FABO Global and get detailed information on the subject.

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