A Quarry Plant is a facility where stone and similar minerals are extracted by open pit mining and then processed for use in the construction and building industries.

A Quarry Plant are minerals and stones suitable for processing such as volcanic rocks, kaolin, gravel, granite, limestone, marble and sandstone.

What is a Quarry Plant?

Quarrying is a surface mining technique. Open pit mining is the extraction of minerals suitable for operation from the determined deposits in terms of cost. If the ore deposit in the mines is close to the surface, the ore extraction is carried out by direct excavation. If the ore deposit is deep, the layer covering the mine is opened and the extraction process is performed. About 70% of today’s mineral production is extracted and processed by open cut mining.

Since the ores extracted from the quarries are raw and very large in size, they must first go through some processes before they can be used in construction. These processes are called crushing and screening. Crushing and screening operations are carried out in the crushing plants established at the location of the mines.

What is a Crusher Plant?

The crushing plant crushes the stones, rock pieces and natural materials obtained from the stream beds and makes them ready for use in certain sectors. Stones or rock pieces of different sizes and properties can be brought to the desired dimensions by crushing them. The materials obtained at the facility are mostly used in the road and construction sectors.

Breaking stone or some hard metals is a very difficult process and requires serious investments. Crushers are vital especially when the rocks are first displaced and not yet processed. Therefore, very powerful breakers should be used for these operations. Companies should be very careful in choosing a crushing plant, as many different factors play a role, from the structure of the ore to be mined and processed to how much production should be made per day.

Crushing and screening plants are divided into two. They have features that can be positioned in different projects and regions. The first of these is mobile crushers. Another is fixed crushers. The size of the work to be done, the time interval and the use of the facility vary according to the region where it will be established.

“Mobile Crusher Facilities”

They are crushers with moving features used in stone and mine quarries. These movable facilities can be easily moved to different mines. It can easily bring large and hard materials to the desired dimensions. It is preferred by many companies because of its low shipping cost. It is very easy to use thanks to hydraulic systems. Installation and transportation takes place in a short time. These mobile crushers manufactured by Fabo have many features and variants. Features and production capacities can change in line with customers’ requests. Types of mobile crusher plant;

  • Pro Series Mobile Crusher Plants
  • Mobile Hard Stone Crushing and Screening Plant
  • Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant
  • Mobile Tertiary Crusher
  • Mobile Primary Crushers

There are many different crusher plants such as

“Fixed Crusher Plants”

It is generally preferred in long-term studies. The production capacities of these fixed facilities are quite high. It is preferred by many companies because of its high production capacity. It is very easy to use thanks to hydraulic systems. It is possible to easily bring large-sized items to the dimensions you want. Thanks to these machines, you can keep your production capacity at high levels. Fixed crusher plants;

  • Fixed Crushing and Screening Plants
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Primary Impact Crushers
  • Tertiary Crushers
  • DMK Impact Crushers

It has many varieties such as

FABO Crushing Plants

Fabo stone crushing and screening plants are used to break up and break large stones and rocks coming out of mines and stream beds. It is produced in a suitable way according to the field of the mine or stream bed to be produced. We see that companies with high production capacity generally use fixed and mobile crushers together. Areas that fixed crushers cannot reach can be reached with the help of mobile crushers.

As FABO, we produce the most powerful and technological machines in the market with our 18 years of knowledge and experience in the sector and offer effective solutions to our business partners. All the machinery and equipment we produce have a high level of power, safety and ease of use.

The prices of these facilities vary according to the production capacity and features of the machine. Therefore, a fixed price cannot be said for these machines. You can request information by contacting us at FABO Global’s contact addresses to learn the prices of the machines you want to buy in the sizes you want. You can contact us for detailed information about high quality crusher equipment, spare parts and technical service opportunities suitable for your project.


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