Crushing plant for sale is the unit that produces small-diameter stones that need to be used in construction sites and projects. With these facilities, which serve for the purpose of breaking large-volume stones and bringing them to suitable scales for use, it is possible to carry out long-term works in a durable way.

Crushing plant for sale preferences generally vary depending on the required production volume. These stone crushing units, also known as the crusher plant , are offered for production in different models according to their working principles.

Types of Crushing Plants for Sale

New Crusher Plant For Sale

Crusher plants are supplied to user companies by supplier companies that produce these facilities. Stone crushing and screening plants or crushing plant equipment produced by the manufacturer under its own brand can be designed in different capacities, features and structures. The most important point in the process of purchasing a crusher plant is the selection of machinery and equipment that will provide the best solution to the company’s needs.

The first option to be considered when choosing a crusher plant or equipment is the facilities put up for sale by the manufacturer and never used. Zero crusher plant has important advantages in terms of supplying the plant and plant elements that the company needs exactly. Because; In the crusher facilities that are supplied as new, additional features can be added to the facility and the capacity of the existing machines can be increased.

Crushing Plant For Sale
New Crushing Plant For Sale

Second Hand Crusher Plant For Sale

Crusher plants are designed to be resistant to impacts and abrasions, as they are designed for the crushing and processing of stone and harder metals. In addition, since these facilities can operate uninterruptedly for many years, they operate smoothly for long periods of time without wearing out over the years. Therefore, stone crushing and screening plants should be considered as a production facility and invested accordingly.

Since crusher plants can operate for many years without any problems, they can be put up for sale by some companies after short-term projects. At this stage, we, as FABO Global, take the crusher plants that have completed their duties in the companies but are still actively used, and make them capable of producing again for many years by performing the necessary maintenance. Second-hand crusher plants, which are among the options we offer to companies in need of a crusher plant, are also available within our company.

Crusher Plants For Sale

FABO Global brand is one of the leading companies in the sector that produces stone crushing and screening plants and concrete batching plants. Long years of knowledge, experience and always using more advanced technological production opportunities, as a result of significant investments in the R & D unit, have made the company a well-known brand in the sector all over the world. Today, FABO Global has succeeded in being a reliable brand that offers different solutions to its business partners in the crusher plant and concrete plant.

FABO, which provides all the necessary services both before and during the supply of crusher plant to companies producing aggregates, also offers the service, spare parts and transportation services needed by the companies it works with in the after-sales period. You can consult our company, which supplies the products they need to companies about both new crusher plant and second hand crusher plant, on any subject you wonder.

Second Hand Crushing Plant For Sale

Mobile Crusher Plant For Sale

The mobile crusher plant is the general name given to the mobile plants used in the stone and mining industry to break the stones into aggregates. A mobile crusher is a set of large and powerful construction machines that are mostly preferred in short-time crusher plant projects and used in portable stone crushing or turning large stones into smaller pieces.

Since mobile crushers are easy to install and transport, the working area is quite wide. Mobile crusher plant is often preferred in city infrastructure works, highway construction, laying of natural gas and oil pipelines, infrastructure and superstructure works of train tracks, and production of necessary aggregate for metro lines.

Fixed Crusher Plant For Sale

Fixed crusher plants are also production plants that perform the same function as the mobile crusher plant, but designed in a different structure. Fixed crushers are built on the project site and are not moved until the end of the project. Fixed crusher plants are designed for high capacity production . Fixed stone crushing and screening facilities, which increase the profitability of companies in long-term projects, are ideal facilities for increasing the business volume.

Fixed crusher plant offers many advantages due to its high performance. This type of crusher is mostly preferred in dam construction, industrial plant construction, projects that require high amount of concrete production.