Small stone crushing machine is machines that can be adjusted according to their usage areas by reducing the large rock pieces that come out in mines and similar areas. It is generally used to obtain the raw material of building materials.

Small stone crushing machine is divided into two groups as mobile and stationary crushers. Fixed crushers are machines that can serve in the area where they are installed. Mobile crushers, on the other hand, are portable machines that can be used in different areas.

Small Stone Crushing Machine

Stone Crushing Machine

Today, with the increase in construction in recent years, the demand for building materials is also increasing. For this reason, many companies produce building materials. Building materials generally consist of materials such as iron, concrete bricks. In particular, concrete is used in most parts of the buildings. Thanks to the solid structure of concrete, it ensures that the structures are strong and stand for many years. In order to obtain concrete, cement, aggregate and water must be mixed and combined. Aggregate is the most needed material in concrete production.

Aggregate forms small stone particles in the concrete. Aggregate production is carried out by stone crushing machines.

Large stones are crushed by crushers and brought to the desired dimensions. Broken sizes are separated by sieves. In this way, aggregates of different sizes are obtained for different areas needed.

Stone crushers are divided into two groups. It is offered to you as mobile stone crushing and fixed stone crushing machine.

Fixed stone crushing machines are generally preferred by companies in long-term projects. The production capacities of these machines, which do not have any movement feature, are quite high.

Mobile stone crushers, on the other hand, can move easily in the working area thanks to their crawler mechanisms. It can be moved easily in rough and small working areas.

Small Stone Crushing Machine

Types of Stone Crushing Machines

Stone crushers are used in aggregate plants to break up large stones. The stone crushing machine is especially categorized according to its processing volume and mobility. Stone crushers, which have different models and features, are divided into two groups as mobile and fixed.

“Fixed Stone Crushing Machine”

Fixed stone crushing machines are the machines that are designed for the purpose of aggregate production and are the most preferred by the companies. Their production capacity is quite high. These machines, which are fixed to the work area to be produced, can operate at high performance. Therefore, it is generally preferred by companies that need a high amount of aggregate. Fixed crushing machines are preferred in long-term projects. This is because the installation costs of the plant are higher than mobile crushers.

“Fixed Stone Crushing Machine Models”

  • Jaw Crushers
  • Tertiary Crushers
  • Primary Impact Crushers
  • DMK Impact Crushers
  • Vertical Shaft Crushers
  • Fixed Cone Crushers

“Mobile Stone Crushing Machine”

Since the mobile stone crusher is easy to install and transport, its working area is quite wide. It is more suitable to be preferred in short-term projects. Their production capacity is high. It is easy to maintain and clean, and the cost is low. It can be used easily in many business areas. Thanks to its tracked models, it can be easily moved around the construction site.

“Mobile Stone Crushing Machine Models”

  • Mobile Tertiary Crushers
  • Mobile Primary Crushers
  • Mobile Vertical Shaft Crushers
  • Mobile Cone Crushers
  • CTC-60 Mobile Container Type Jaw Crushers
  • Crawler Crushers

Small Stone Crushing Machine Prices

The working areas of small stone crushing machines are quite wide. For example, it is frequently used in the building and construction industry, ready mixed concrete production, road and asphalt work areas. Today, stone crushing machines are needed to realize these structures and obtain their raw materials. Advantages of FABO;

  • FABO manufactures stone crushers suitable for every project.
  • It offers two different working modes as fixed and mobile crushers.
  • The machines produced provide maximum efficiency and there are no disruptions in your production.
  • It can be used for many years thanks to the durable design and first-class materials, even under the toughest conditions.

as we can say. FABO continues its services within the scope of the crusher plant. You can determine with us which type of breaker you need. You can get the most accurate answer to your production volume and needs. FABO Global brand produces stone crushing machines using the latest technological possibilities. Therefore, it has a wide product range in terms of fixed crusher or mobile crusher models. For mobile and fixed crusher prices or all your other needs, you can contact FABO Global and get detailed information on the subject.

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