Second hand concrete batching plants for sale are concrete batching plant alternatives used by companies that have supplied plants from ready-mixed concrete producers. These facilities can be procured from the supplier company as new, or they can be procured as second hand through brands with manufacturer status such as FABO.

Although a second hand concrete batching plant for sale is not recommended in the first place, it is one of the alternative methods that can be evaluated in terms of cost. It may not always be possible to procure power plants with the features suitable for your project. The most advantageous conditions are offered for you in the product identification process, which you can advance with FABO Global experts. You can accept our consultancy in the process of determining the units your company needs, and you can also contact us to learn about the prices of your unused concrete batching plant and second-hand concrete batching plant preferences.

Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Second Hand Concrete Plant

Concrete batching plants are large facilities that produce ready-mixed concrete to be used in many sectors, especially in the construction sector. Ready-mixed concrete obtained in these facilities is produced as a result of mixing certain amounts of aggregate, cement and water and passing through some processes. Concrete plants that can process high tonnages are long-term investment and production facilities. Therefore, when designing concrete batching plants, the plant is designed to operate smoothly for many years.

Concrete batching plants, which can operate for many years, can thus be sold to another company after a certain period of operation. Concrete batching plants, which can also be supplied as second hand, provide companies with significant advantages. FABO Global, which is one of the leading companies in the sector in both fixed concrete batching plants and mobile concrete batching plants, also produces special solutions for the companies it works with for second-hand concrete batching plants.

Second Hand Concrete Plant Features

Concrete batching plants are strong structures designed to produce ready-mixed concrete, which is the basic material of the building and construction industry. Concrete batching plant is used both by companies that design and build buildings, and by companies that produce ready-mixed concrete to meet the needs of the market. Therefore, ready mixed concrete plants can be considered as an investment tool with a wide area of use. Second hand ready mixed concrete plants have the same function as new concrete batching plants, but they have the following features;

  • It can be used without any problems for many years after its supply.
  • It can perform the same operations as the zero concrete batching plant.
  • Offers cost advantages to companies
  • It can be used without any problems as long as it is taken care of.
Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Advantages of Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plants are work machines that have a very important task for the construction sector. Concrete batching plants, which operate like a factory in themselves, can operate with less manpower and control with advanced automation systems. Second hand ready mixed concrete batching plants have the same features but have some advantages. These;

  • It is more cost-effective than zero concrete batching plants.
  • It saves the buyer company from high installation cost
  • Can be used for short-term or long-term projects
  • Can operate at high capacity
  • It can produce for many years without any problems.
  • Exhibits desired amount of performance

Where is Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant Used?

Since concrete plants are an integral part of the construction industry, they can be used in every field and geography where there is building and construction. Concrete batching plants, which are resistant to harsh terrain and climatic conditions and have the ability to operate in all conditions, are currently involved in different projects in different continents.

Second-hand concrete batching plant, which is ideal especially for short-term projects, is preferred for short-term works in terms of its affordable cost and being able to be sold as second-hand at the end of the project. In this context, second-hand mobile concrete batching plants offer companies significant cost and transportation advantages for mobile projects. While second-hand concrete batching plants are preferred for small and medium-sized construction projects, they can be resold at the end of the project and can provide significant profitability.

Advantages of FABO Second Hand Concrete Batching Plant

FABO Global concrete batching plant is among the leading brands on a global scale in the production and supply of concrete batching equipment. FABO invests large amounts of R&D for machine production. Thus, it can produce and distribute the latest technological products in the market.

FABO Global brand is one of the leading companies in the market that manufactures concrete batching plants and crusher plants. The concrete plants it produces are used in different continents of the world today. Second hand concrete batching plants supplied by FABO Global also have significant advantages in terms of both cost and performance.

  • All maintenance operations of FABO used concrete batching plants are carried out under the control of FABO engineers and experts.
  • Companies can benefit from FABO’s service and spare parts service.
  • It provides the comfort of obtaining from a safe and known brand.
  • It enables companies to establish a concrete batching plant at affordable costs.

Second Hand Concrete Plant Price For Sale

Concrete batching plants are produced in different models according to the different needs of companies today. Therefore, there are many concrete batching plant models with different features and capacities. The details, production volumes and technical features of the concrete batching plant stand out as the main factors that determine the prices at the order stage.

The same is true for the second hand concrete batching plant. The status, brand and model of the power plant and the equipment owned by the units are the factors that directly affect the cost. The condition and functionality of the plant are decisive at this stage. You can contact FABO Global for our second-hand concrete plant options and second-hand concrete plant prices, and you can get detailed information on the subject.

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