Ready mixed concrete plant is plants that supply concrete to projects that are generally located in urban areas and that need concrete. Concrete produced in these plants is transported to the project areas by concrete mixers.

Ready mixed concrete plant is equipped with high-level features so that it does not cause negative effects on many environmental and social issues. In addition to being durable and reliable, they are produced with protective mechanisms so that they do not cause any waste release that will harm the nature.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

What is Concrete Plant

Concrete batching plant consists of equipment that combines various components to obtain a homogeneous mixture and form concrete. In order to obtain concrete, materials such as sand, gravel, stone, cement and water must be mixed in concrete plants. In concrete plants;

  • Concrete mixer
  • Automation System
  • Aggregate Bucket
  • Cement Silo
  • Feeding Tape
  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Aggregate Weighing Belt
  • dust collector
  • Heater
  • Cooler
  • Conveyor

equipment is used. The factor that companies should pay attention to when choosing concrete plants is their production capacity. Production capacities of each firm are different. For this reason, there are concrete batching plants with different capacities. Facilities operating below the targeted production capacity should not be purchased. Or, unnecessary costs should not be created by purchasing a facility far above the targeted production capacity. Concrete batching plants are produced by FABO in line with your wishes. To have detailed information, you can call us from the contact numbers.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

How a Concrete Plant Works

Whether the concrete plant is mobile or stationary, the working logic is more or less the same. While stationary concrete batching plants are preferred by those who want to produce concrete in one place and deliver it to projects, mobile concrete batching plants are preferred for businesses that have to change their working area frequently. The materials used in the concrete plant;

  • Aggregate feeding: Aggregates and sand need to be placed in feeder hoppers
  • Powder feed: By “powder” we mean cement, fly ash and other additives. These components must be used in sufficient quantities so that all materials can be bonded together.
  • Water: Water is also important for the mixture to bind together.
  • Materials such as cement, fly ash need to be held in bulk and transferred to weighing hoppers via conveyors.

It is very important for the working principle. After paying attention to these points, the operation of the power plant will take place automatically and without any problems. Aggregates are weighed and placed in the feeding hoppers and transferred to the mixing unit. Water and cement etc. from the weighing hoppers on the mixer. substances are poured into the mixture. In the final stage, the mixing process is carried out by pumping water.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Benefits of Ready-Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete has many application areas. It can be used for agricultural, domestic and industrial purposes. The fact that it has so many uses is also an indication of how efficient it is. Ready-mixed concrete;

  • It is durable, so it can be used for many years
  • In other words, it is a good investment.
  • The materials used in its manufacture are quite inexpensive.
  • Application and maintenance costs are negligible
  • Resistant to adverse natural conditions and pests
  • Anything can be done with ready mixed concrete.
  • When it is considered in terms of the materials used, its environmentally friendly structure will be understood.
  • During the production of ready-mixed concrete, dust pollution remains at a minimum level.
  • It does not increase noise and air pollution as it is transported from the production facility to the project site.
  • Provides maximum efficiency for both large projects and small projects

It has advantages for companies such as You can also produce by using ready mixed concrete batching plants produced by FABO to produce ready mixed concrete at your construction sites or work areas. You can reach us by calling the contact numbers to have information about FABO’s ready mixed concrete plants. “Ready Mixed Concrete Plant”

Concrete Plant Cost

Many companies ask “How much does a concrete plant cost?” He is curious about the answer to his question. Thanks to concrete plants, ready-mixed concrete is produced. However, concrete plants do not consist of a single machine. There are many equipments that work in integration with each other. Once installed in the area to be used, it is appropriate to produce ready-mixed concrete for years. Thanks to its durable structure, there is no change in its performance in all weather conditions.

Some factors are important while determining the concrete plant costs. The main factors determining the cost of concrete batching plants are;

  • Production capacities of the concrete plant
  • Brand of concrete plant
  • Structural features of the concrete batching plant (mobile, fixed or compact)
  • Concrete plant technical specifications

as we can say. If you want to have mobile, fixed and compact concrete batching plants in FABO’s product range, and if you have a demand for concrete batching plants for sale, you can contact us. By sharing the detailed data of your projects, you can access expert opinions about the most suitable models for you.

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