“What is a jaw crusher?” Jaw crushers are the machines that are frequently used in the stone and mining industry and that bring the stones to the desired dimensions by applying pressure thanks to the jaw-shaped plates. It increases the high production efficiency with the fixed body, jaw section and adjustment block made of sheet metal construction. The pitman part of the machine is made of steel casting. Crusher jaw section is produced from steel casting as magnesium or chromium alloy. The lining and chin section work with the logic inside out. When one side is worn, you can use the other side. Rubber wedges are used in the tension section.

“What is a jaw crusher?” It is one of the frequently asked questions by new investors who will enter the stone and mining sector. These machines, which are used as primary and secondary crushers, are among the most important parts of crusher plants.

Jaw Crushers

These systems, which break the materials inside by compressing them between the fixed and movable jaws, are used to break stones such as granite basalt and stream material.

Thanks to its strong and durable structures, it can be used easily in crusher plants. Thanks to the adjustment mechanisms called hydraulic, the desired jaw opening and product curve can be easily adjusted. In addition, with these systems, much safer and faster results can be obtained. It is produced in two different options.

These; It is produced as fixed jaw crushers and mobile jaw crushers.

What is Jaw Crusher?

“Fixed Jaw Crushers”

  • Basalt, granite etc. Used to break hard and abrasive materials with high silica content
  • Production capacities are quite large
  • Belt-pulley drive system is available
  • It has Mn plates made of wear-resistant special casting.
  • There is a camshaft made of Cr, Ni, Mo alloy forged steel.
  • It has adjustable jaw opening feature thanks to hydraulic systems.
  • It has safety plates against excessive strain
  • Wear is prevented by lining plates

“Mobile Jaw Crushers”

  • It can be easily moved to different application areas thanks to its mobile features.
  • Thanks to its tracked models, it can be easily moved in the working area.
  • Damage to the environment is reduced to a minimum with dedusting systems
  • Can be easily used by a single operator
  • It has Mn plates made of wear-resistant special casting.
  • It has adjustable jaw opening feature thanks to hydraulic systems.
  • The shipping cost is affordable compared to the fixed jaw crushers

Primary and Secondary Jaw Crushers

These machines, which work as primary and secondary jaw crushers, can be easily supplied in line with the needs of your business. When purchasing such machines, you need to take a good look at their reliability, performance and durability. Jaw crusher prices vary according to the details that the needy pays attention to. The flywheel speed, jaw grabbing angle and other materials of the machine affect the price. These features also come to the fore in terms of security. Flywheel hubs cause major problems in large jaw crushers. Therefore, the flywheels must be used by using special clamping systems. Jaw crusher prices may also vary according to the Primary or Secondary type.

Jaw crushers can easily process very hard rock structures. Facilities manufacturing jaw crushers can prepare machines according to your needs. Installation work is extremely important when installing these systems. These machines, which are designed for heavy operations, must operate at maximum efficiency. It affects the production cost per ton of part changes that will occur due to wear. Therefore, Jaw crusher prices increase in direct proportion to quality. You can reach the jaw crusher machines that your business will need at the most affordable prices from our company. We help you do business with maximum efficiency with our special systems. You can call us now to get detailed information about jaw crushers.

Jaw Crusher Prices

A fixed price list cannot be applied to the prices of block production machines and crusher products. For these products, which have alternatives within themselves, both the current foreign exchange prices and the technical features of the preferred machines are decisive. Jaw crushers manufactured by FABO are manufactured to meet the demands of customers. Thanks to its high production capacities, you can easily use it in your projects.

With FABO, you can have the fixed/mobile jaw crushers that you will use in your projects with the highest quality service understanding. With our customer satisfaction oriented pricing and service understanding, we continue to offer you the most efficient services with our mission to be a leader not only in Turkey but also in different countries of the world. You can reach us at our contact addresses to have fixed or mobile jaw crushers.