Jaw stone crusher is machines that enable the stone to be converted into small pieces by applying the compression process thanks to fixed plates and moving plates. It is mainly used at the stage of material grinding in rock and quarries, sand and gravel, mining, construction and demolition recycling, construction aggregates, various applications.

Jaw stone crusher is a type of crusher used in crusher plants. Crushers with different working styles can be used in crushing and screening plants. Jaw crushers, on the other hand, can reach the desired dimensions by compressing the stones since one plate is immobile and the other plate is mobile.

Jaw Crusher Types

Jaw crushers are powerful crushers used in crusher plants. Basalt, granite etc. These are the machines used to bring hard materials with high silica content to the desired dimensions. Jaw crushers are divided into 2 different categories. The first of these is fixed jaw crushers and the other is mobile jaw crushers. While fixed jaw crushers provide advantages in long-term projects, mobile jaw crushers are suitable for use in short-term projects. The feature that distinguishes the two crushers from each other is that the fixed crusher does not have the ability to move, the mobile crusher has the ability to move.

“Mobile Jaw Crushers”

Mobile jaw crushers are machines with a portable body. These breakers are mostly designed for travel or short term projects. Thanks to its mobile structures, it can be used periodically in different project areas such as road construction or aggregate production. The shipping cost is considerably lower than the fixed jaw crushers. mobile jaw crushers manufactured by FABO;

  • 110′ Mobile Screen Primary Jaw Crusher
  • 90′ Mobile Screen Primary Jaw Crusher
  • 60′ Mobile Screen Primary Jaw Crusher
  • Mobile Primary Crusher with 180 PDK
  • Mobile Primary Crusher with 150 PDK
  • Mobile Primary Crusher with 100 PDK
  • MJK-110 Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher
  • MJK-90 Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher
  • MJK-60 Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher

is presented to you. Thanks to their durable and robust construction, jaw crushers can be used in all conditions. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment mechanisms, there is no need for human power. In this way, the employee cost will also be reduced.

“Fixed Jaw Crushers”

Fixed jaw crushers are more advantageous to use in long-term projects than mobile crushers.

Fixed crushers installed at work sites can work for a long time with high production capacities.

They can produce an average of 60 to 600 tons per hour. It has the ability to produce for many years with its quality and robust designs.

Fixed jaw crushers manufactured by FABO;

  • CLK-60 Jaw Crusher
  • CLK-90 Jaw Crusher
  • CLK-110 Jaw Crusher
  • CLK-130 Jaw Crusher
  • CLK-140 Jaw Crusher

is presented to you. It can work easily thanks to automation systems. In this way, manpower is not required in many operations.

Fixed jaw crushers can be used as primary crushers or secondary crushers in crushing and screening plants.

Second Hand Jaw Crusher

FABO Global is one of the few companies producing jaw crushers. Jaw crushers designed and manufactured by experienced engineers are exported not only to Turkey but also to different continents of the world. In addition to new purchases, second-hand purchases are also available. Thanks to the features of second-hand jaw crushers, significant advantages are offered to companies. These;

  • Prices are more affordable than zero jaw crushers.
  • Investment cost is reduced for your newly established company
  • Performs the same as zero jaw crushers
  • There are options in different models and features.

There are advantages such as In your second-hand jaw crusher selections, the product should not be worn. You need to make sure that the maintenance is complete and all the features are working. Otherwise, there may be problems in your production in the future. For this reason, as FABO, we recommend our customers to prefer brand new machines. In order to avoid any disruptions in your production, you should choose guaranteed new machines.

Jaw Stone Crusher Prices

Since the jaw crushers produced by FABO are designed as employee and producer oriented, they both save time in your work and help you benefit from the comfort of technology. There is no clear price list for jaw stone crushers. It is not possible for us to say a clear price because some features have been added or removed in line with the wishes of the customers.

FABO continues to work with the mission of providing service to every region of the world. Thanks to its quality and reliable machines, it is becoming an indispensable supplier of many countries. You can request support from FABO’s expert staff in the process of choosing the most suitable facility for your project, and you can get information about current prices and conditions by contacting us at our contact addresses.

What is a jaw crusher?