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Crushers 168幸运飞开艇官网开奖历史 are machine systems that crush and screen in order to process stones or mines. These systems, the most common use of which are quarries, can be supplied mobile or portable, in accordance with the purpose.

You can reach the most reliable solutions of the sector as a result of the superior engineering studies of Fabo Machinery for the crusher crushing and screening systems. With our R&D studies, we always produce up-to-date technologies and serve our valued customers with our expert staff.

Crusher Plant

You can get support from us immediately to own a Crusher Plant. We are with you with years of experience in the production of crushers. Based on the quality policy, we bring together the most accurate designs for our valued customers. You can buy the fixed mobile crushing systems you need from our company at the most affordable prices.

Our machines, made of first class materials, work efficiently under harsh conditions. One of the most important issues in crushing and screening plants is the hardness of the stones to be crushed.

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Although Mobile Crusher has the same function with fixed crushing plants; They are facilities with an easily portable design. All equipment of the facility is likewise designed in a mobile structure. Crushers that perform the function of crushing stones in mobile crushing plants are therefore called mobile crushers.

Since mobile crushers are designed to be highly resistant to abrasions, impacts and geographical conditions, these machines also have a second hand market. Used mobile crushers can provide companies with significant advantages. 幸运飞艇168官方开奖走势图 Crushers are divided into two as mobile crusher and fixed crusher. Crusher facility selection should be made according to the nature of the work to be done, site characteristics and project duration.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plants are mobile facilities that are used to crush the stones into aggregate for the production of sand required for concrete needed in the building and construction sector. Mobile crushers are plants that are mostly preferred in short-time crusher plant projects, and consist of large and powerful work machines used in portable stone crushing or grinding large stones into smaller pieces.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant?

  • Installation cost is low
  • Since it is easy to transport, it does not create high transportation costs
  • Can be easily used in another project at the end of the job
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy and low cost
  • Suitable for all job sites
  • Reduces the facility cost of companies operating for a short time

Mobile Hard Stone Crushing and Screening Plant

We mentioned above the basic functions of Mobile Hard Stone Crushing and Screening Plants. Well, who can buy crusher plants? Who are the crushing plants suitable for? To answer questions such as; Stone crushing and screening facilities can be bought in two different ways and turned into a line of business. The first of these; companies that need medium and high rates of concrete. These companies are companies that want to obtain the aggregate needed to produce their own concrete instead of meeting their ready-mixed concrete needs from companies that supply concrete. This method, which brings high profitability to the company in the long run, is currently used by most building and construction companies.

Another usage area of ​​stone crushing and screening plants is to produce sand and sell this product to the places in need. Aggregate production, which is a good and profitable investment, is a line of business that can be done using a crushing plant. The biggest advantage of this sector is the continuous development of the building and construction sector in the world and the increase in aggregate need accordingly. In addition, the crushing plant is a facility that can be used for many years without any problems after it is purchased.

What are Crusher Prices?

Today, concrete is used in all structures built for living, transportation or urbanization. In order to obtain concrete, which is the most basic material of buildings and constructions, high amounts of aggregate (small cubic stone pieces) are required. The aggregate obtained by crushing large rocks can be produced in stone crushing and screening facilities called crusher plant.

Crusher facilities are a structure consisting of large machines where the concrete sand needed for use in different tasks and sectors is produced. The prices of crushing plants or crushing plants are determined according to different variations. The most important factors determining the price of the crusher facility are as follows;

  • Crushing plant capacity
  • Features of the crushing plant
  • Type and amount of product to be obtained
  • Crushing plant manufacturer
  • Structure of crushing plant (Mobile or Stationary)
  • Equipment used in crushing plant

You can contact us for the mobile crushing plant or fixed crusher plant that suits your needs.


It is a set of machines designed to supply concrete to areas where ready-mixed concrete is needed such as the concrete batching plant, 168飞艇官网开奖计划查询 the construction sector and the building sector.

We carry out Concrete plant installations in all construction areas you need.


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