Cement Silo Technical Specifications

Our cement silos generally range from 25 / ton to 3000 / ton. We can change these capacities according to the cement silo needs of your concrete production facility.

All of our cement silos have 1 pressure relief valve, 3 air jets, 1 24m2 cartridge filter. There are 3 cement level indicators in each silo. These indicators show the cement level.



Cement silos are the types of machines used to store the cement required for concrete plants. Silos, which are produced in different capacities according to the needs of concrete production facilities, generally have a storage capacity of 25 to 3000 tons.


All of our cement silo types, which can be produced specially with higher capacities according to the needs of the operation, are durable and offer you a long life of use. We manufacture bolted (disassembled) cement silo from 25 tons capacity up to 3000 tons capacity.


Cement silo is a necessary business tool for companies that need cement continuously. There are different pad types that allow the cement to flow easily when needed. These products, which are effective in preserving the cement before it dries, although it was first prepared, can consist of single, double or triple chambers depending on their capacities.


All cement fleets produced by our company have 1 pressure relief valve, 3 air jets, 1 24m2 cartridge filter. In addition to these, thanks to the cement level meter in each silo, you can add materials urgently when there is less cement than you need and continue your services without a break.


Thanks to these special machines used by many domestic and foreign companies, you can provide the highest quality service with appropriate advantages. All types of these cement tanks, which can be used without wearing for years even in the worst weather conditions, have special tools that will provide easy flow.Fabo Company, which continues its services with years of experience in the ready-mixed concrete and crushing and screening sector, also provides the necessary service for the storage of raw materials required for the facilities.

You can call us to get information about the quality, machines and cement silos, which solves your problem immediately with the help of the support line in case of any after-sales problem.